I Am Peace is a project produced by Ameen Haj Yahia and Mario Emghames. After the attacks on Charlie Hebdo in January of this year, many people published photographs of themselves with a sign saying “I Am Charlie” showing solidarity with the media group that produces Charlie Hebdo. Of course, we do not support violence. While we do support free speech, we do not condone the irresponsible use of it. Since we neither identify with the terrorists nor with the producers of Charlie Hebdo, we have launched a campaign where individuals (and groups) can support peace. We are inviting you to publish on this website a photograph of yourself using the three-fingered peace sign (explained here) with a sign in English or any other language saying “I Am Peace.” These pictures may be of individuals or groups. We prefer the photographs include the “I Am Peace” sign, but it is not required for publication on this website. With a buildup of pictures and opinions, we can see the reality of the sitaution, and create a strong, unified voice for peace. Learn more about how you can take action here.

Please remember that your voice for peace is important. Your voice is strong, and with more voices coming out for peace, the more united and strong we are. #iampeace